Contact our Servicecenter

Contact our Servicecenter – we will answer your questions and help you with your enquiries. At the Servicecenter you will get in touch with administrators specializing in all areas of the municipality. They will also receive your complaints and requests if you are unsatisfied with how we handle our commitments.

Call us: 08‑580 285 00
Companies: 08‑580 226 00

Phone hours

Monday - Thursday: 8.00-16.45
Friday: 8.00-15.00
Day before public holidays: 8.00-13.00
Public holidays: Closed

Common questions when contacting the municipality

How do I contact the municipality urgently on evenings and weekends?

If the Servicecenter is closed, call us on 08-580 285 00. Our answering machine will provide you with the information on how to contact the emergency services for the various parts of the municipality. The emergency numbers below only apply in the event of an emergency when the Servicecenter is closed (outside office hours, on weekends and public holidays).

If you are in an unsafe situation, you can call the security number that goes directly to our security guards.

Our security number
010-210 94 44
(Sunday - Thursday 16.00-00.00, Friday - Saturday 16.00-02.00)

Social Jour/Urgent social care

See contact information for the social services here

If you discover faults on the municipality's properties, roads, water mains or street lights
In the event of faults on the municipality's properties and roads, suspected water leaks, broken street lights, or sewage blockages on the municipality's water pipes

08-580 299 00

0771-88 00 22

Urgent emptying of sludge tank on individual drain
08-35 63 27

Incorrectly parked cars on the municipality's streets
072-961 27 22

Can I be anonymous?

In accordance with Tryckfrihetsförordningen (Freedom of the Press Act) (1949: 105), you have the right to be anonymous in contact with the municipality. If you wish to remain anonymous, it is important that you do not give us your name or contact details.

The right to be anonymous applies in relations to the municipality, which means that you do not have to say who you are, for example, to ask questions, request public documents or submit comments.

If you have entered your name anyway, the municipality may have to provide the information if it is requested by someone else. The municipality cannot normally refuse to disclose the information on the grounds that the person has requested to remain anonymous, unless there is a special ground for confidentiality. The anonymity thus applies to the municipality, not the public.

However, there are several cases when we need to know who you are in order to handle your case. This applies, for example, if you want to make an application or request documents that are covered by confidentiality and may only be disclosed to the person to whom the document relates. In these cases, it is not possible to remain anonymous.

Are you recording calls? Why?

Yes, incoming calls to Servicecenter are recorded and deleted after 60 minutes. This is done to document possible threats.

What is the municipality's address?

If you want to visit the municipality, the address is Riddarplatsen 5 in Jakobsberg, where our Servicecenter is located.

If you want to write to the municipality, the postal address is:

Järfälla municipality
177 80 Järfälla

The quickest way to write to the municipality is through our web form which you can find here. There you can start a case, report an error, complain or ask a question.

If you would like to email us, the municipality’s email address:

What is Järfälla municipality’s organization number?

The municipality's organization number is 212000-0043.

How do I contact a politician?

Contact information for all elected representatives in Järfälla can be found here.

How do I reach the municipality by fax?

If you want to send a fax to us, the following numbers apply:

Bedömningsenheten (Assessment unit)
08-580 302 19

What’s the quickest way to get response or help?

The quickest way is to call directly to the Servicecenter on 08-580 285 00 or visit us at Riddarplatsen 5 (ground floor) in Jakobsberg. You can also use the web form for your questions. You will receive an answer as soon as possible; usually you will get a first response within two working days.

How do I contact a specific person?

You contact the Servicecenter and we will help you. If your case requires a specific administrator, we make sure that you get in touch with each other. Often, the Servicecenter can also help you directly at first contact, depending on what the case is about.

The Servicecenter is staffed by social workers, engineers, preschool teachers, lawyers and more to be able to respond and help as much as possible. The administrators in the Servicecenter also have access to most of the municipality's IT systems and can in most cases help you and solve the issue.

Where can I find contact information?

We have chosen only to show the contact information where we can guarantee that someone answers or receives your inquires within a reasonable time. This means that in most cases we only show our main telephone number or our visiting address at Riddarplatsen 5 in Jakobsberg. This is because our administrators are often not on site since they perform their tasks on home visits, in our classrooms or in our streets and parks. To be really sure of reaching us, there is the Servicecenter.

Contact the Servicecenter and we will help you. You can call, visit or write to us, and we will help to either solve your case directly, or put you in touch with the right unit or person.

Does the municipality not have a switchboard?

Yes, if you contact our Servicecenter and dial 9, you will reach our switchboard (general questions). Dial 5 for service in English. We always try to help you with your questions, so most often we ask what it is regarding. We might be able to help you right away.

What does the Servicecenter do?

The Servicecenter answers your questions and helps in all of the municipality's various parts. In the Servicecenter, social workers, engineers, preschool teachers, lawyers and more work to be able to answer your questions in the best way possible, and to give you the best possible service. Sometimes the Servicecenter cannot help you, and if that is the case we make sure you get in touch with the right unit or administrator.

How does Järfälla municipality handle my personal information?

For us at Järfälla municipality, it is important that you feel secure that we process your personal data in a secure and legal manner. On the website Järfälla municipality's handling of personal data, we describe how we process your personal data and inform you about your legal rights.

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