Sfinx for Ukrainians

Are you an engineer or an architect from the Ukraine and go by protection under The EU Temporary Protection Directive? You now have the opportunity to study Swedish for engineers and architects in Järfälla.

SFINX - Intensive Swedish for engineers and architects

The programme allows you to study with people who have similar educational and occupational backgrounds. Together, you will create valuable networks inside and outside the school. SFINX also collaborates with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers (Sveriges Ingenjörer) and Architects Sweden (Sveriges Arkitekter).

Intensive Swedish language studies for engineers and architects

  • Full-time studies in the classroom
  • 2-4 visits per month to relevant institutions or workplaces, such as The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, The National Museum of Science and Technology, etc.
  • Opportunity to take classes at KTH (the Royal Institute of Technology)
  • Opportunity to get a mentor in collaboration with Sveriges Ingenjörer (The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers) or Sveriges Arkitekter (Architects Sweden).
  • Possibility to get help with your CV and personal letter. You will also get insights into Swedish working life.
  • We work with themes that are of importance to both engineers and architects, such as Energy, Sustainability, Inventions etc.

Courses at KTH

When you enroll at SFINX to study at upper secondary level, you can register to take courses at KTH. You have the opportunity to choose between a student teacher internship, i.e. observing and listening in a classroom, and completing courses for credits. You can apply to KTH courses twice a year and courses start twice a year – in the autumn term and in the spring term.

Mentor opportunity

For studies on the basic and upper secondary levels, you will be assigned a mentor in collaboration with the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers (Sveriges Ingenjörer). The mentor is selected to match your professional background and experience. You will participate in a well-developed mentor programme, where you meet regularly with your mentor for five months. You will also meet with others who are participating in the mentor programme.

Educational levels and classes

You start from SFI C if you are a beginner and study up to the secondary school´s final course SVA Grund 4. The whole programme takes about 1,5 years. However, variations may occur. Classes are usually held in the mornings.

Please note that you have to have submitted your education documents to UHR - please attach the case number you receive from UHR to your application.

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